Using Chatbot Template

Chatbot templates are ready to use conversations prepared for business-specific use cases. These provide basic workflows useful for the selected business.

This helps businesses to quickly build their chatbot on top of the basic workflow. AmplifyReach provides chatbot templates in all languages. You can select the language while importing a template.

Import, Customise and Deploy!

You can import a chatbot template from AmplifyReach -> Build Bot -> Import template as shown below

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Select a template. Select language and click import. This will take a while to create the selected workflow in your account.

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Once the template is created, you can customise it for your business needs. For example, the Airlines template has the following use cases:

  • Book a flight
  • Cancel flight
  • Flight Status
  • Holiday packages
  • Intents
  • Sample Knowledge base
  • Agent Transfer

You can use tryout button on top right to test the template.

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You can add API calls to integrate with the backend system and complete the workflow. You can also add additional use cases, update the knowledge base as required.

Please refer following links to customise your template:

Adding conversataion nodes
Accepting user input and validation
Using UI Controls
Making chatbot interactive using intents
Integrating APIs with Chatbot
How to add FAQs?
Customising Chatbot’s Appearance

Installing the Chatbot Template

Once you are ready to install your chatbot on the website, create a deployment for installation.

Please refer to the following link for more details.
Installing ChatBot on your Website