Status & Error Codes

304Not ModifiedThere was no new data to return.
400Bad RequestThe request was invalid or cannot be otherwise served
1001Invalid MethodYour call could not be completed due to invalid method
1002Invalid RequestInvalid URL ParameterInvalid Request HeaderInvalid Request. Please provide required parametersInvalid Request. Please provide valid parametersInvalid URL Parameter. Please provide valid parametersInvalid Request Header. Please provide valid header
1003Authentication Failed – Unknown UserAuthentication Failed – Unknown User
1004Authentication FailedAuthentication Failed – Invalid AuthtokenAuthentication Failed – Request came from invalid Ip
1005API Usage Limit Exceeded. Please contact sales@amplifyreach.comAPI Usage Limit Exceeded. Please contact
1006Account Disabled. Please contact sales@amplifyreach.comAccount Disabled. Please contact
1007HTTP Error: {status_code} – {status_message}Examples: HTTP Error: 511 – Network Authentication Required
1008Internal ErrorInternal Error.Please contact