Pre-built FAQ Bot

Even though your website is designed for clear and organised content, many users keep browsing for finding answers to their questions. The chatbot can be a great help to answer customer questions. It can give the quick answers and redirect the users to right link if required. This also saves efforts and cost of LiveChat agents as bot acts as front line for customer queries.

If you only need to use FAQ Chatbot on your website, you can use AmplifyReach’s pre-built FAQ bot and go live within 3 simple steps.

If you already have created a conversation, please refer How to add FAQs in your chatbot.

Installing FAQ Bot

1. Install

Goto AmplifyReach Dashboard -> Pre-Built Bots -> FAQ Bot

You can select the FAQ training to be semantic or key word based. Semantic analysis applies the language rules on user query to match the FAQ. It identifies the meaning of the user sentence and tries to relate to the training set. On the other hand, the keyword based match, ignores sentence meaning and finds match from key-words hit.

2. Train FAQs

Download the sample excel file and add the FAQ data. Each row represents one FAQ. The information of each column is described in the following table.

TitleShort title of the question displayed when question is detected
QuestionQuestion to be trained.
AnswerAnswer of the question
LinkLink to the URL pointing to the detail answer in your knowledge base or FAQ Repository.
Similar QuestionPlease add possible variants of the questions to be detected for selected FAQ. Each variant should added in a new column.

Upload the FAQ file

3. Deploy and Test

Click Deploy. Your bot is ready to test! You can test it using the link given on the screen. Your deployment is ready under Dashboard -> Deployment. To check how to deploy the bot on website, please refer article How to install the chatbot on your website

Customising FAQ Bot

In case you need to customise your FAQ bot, you can go to Dashboard -> Build Bots. You can edit the conversation as per your requirement.