How to add FAQs?

You can train FAQs in your chatbot just in few minutes! The chatbot can detect the questions even if it is asked in middle of on-going flow, answer the question and continue the paused flow.

Prepare FAQ data

Prepare a list of questions and answers.  Please download the sample excel file.

Each row represents one FAQ. The information of each column is described in the following table.

TitleShort title of the question displayed when question is detected
QuestionQuestion to be trained.
AnswerAnswer of the question
LinkLink to the URL pointing to the detail answer in your knowledge base or FAQ Repository.
Similar QuestionPlease add possible variants of the questions to be detected for selected FAQ. Each variant should added in a new column.
Tip: AmplifyReach can help you extract FAQ from Freshdesk, Zendesk or Zoho. Please contact to know more.

Create a Knowledge Base

Go to AmplifyReach Dashboard → Build Bots → My Conversations → Knowledge Base Tab -> Add new knowledge base.

Knowledge Base NameProvide a name for your Knowledge Base Name
LanguageFAQ language can be selected from here
AnalysisLow: Display FAQ match for near by questions found
High: Display FAQ only if perfect match is found
No. of Recommendations Number of FAQs to be displayed in case multiple FAQs get detected
Use SynonymsFAQ words synonyms is automatically detected
Use HighlighterThe searched text is highlighted while showing answer.
Use OverlayFAQ Pop up is shown when user clicks on FAQ.
Import KB FileImport the FAQ Data

Use knowledge base in conversation

Open your conversation. Add a FAQ node at root level as shown below.

Set the name of your knowledge base, and set a marker name.

The marker name is reflected in bot report and reflects the count of FAQs for analytics.


Tryout your conversation and enter the trained the question. The result will be shown as following.

A click on question link will show complete answer in a pop up.