Agent Summary Report

What is Agent Summary Report?

This report provides the details of chats handled by the Live Human Agents using AmplifyReach Live Chat. This can be used to measure the performance of Agents. 

How to access Agent Summary Report?

You can get Agent Summary Report from the following steps:

  1. Goto AmplifyReach Dashboard -> Analytics 
  2. Select the “Agent Summary” option from the left side panel .
  3. Select following options:
    Department: Select Department of conversation, by default all conversations are selected.
    Date: Select the date range, please note that the date range can’t be more than 1 month.
    Language: Select the language of conversation.
  1. Select Search

Details In Agent Summary Report

This report provides the following details.

Agent NameName of the Agent
Total Closed ChatsTotal chats closed by each agent
Total Handled ChatsTotal Handled chats are computed at the end of each day. These are the total chats accepted by the agent in the Live Chat Software
Average Handling TimeAverage Handling Time is computed at the end of each day. Average Handling Time is with respect to the overall chats handled by the Agent.
First Response Time (less than 10 sec)First Response Time is computed at the end of each day. This is the count of all the chats where the Human Agent responded with-in 10sec. 
Initiated By
This indicates how the chat was initiated. There are two types of chat initiation Proactive or User Initiated
Intermediate Transfer DetailsThis gives information if Chat was transferred from Chatbot to LiveChat Agent, or a department was changed during conversation. It can have one of following values:
Bot Transfer: Chatbot transferred chat to human agent as per predefined condition in conversation.
Bot Transfer Due to Failure: Chat transferred to human agent due to any input failure or intent failure. 
Department Transfer: Human Agent transferred the chat from one department to another department