Bot Report

What is a Bot Report?

Brands and businesses can use Bot Report to analyse current trends of visitor conversations. This is helpful for tracking chat conversations, and if required they can improve conversations and plan further activities.

Bot report provides data of customer conversations. These conversations are tagged using markers. It eliminates the conversations which were just initiated and the user did not make specific conversation.

This data is valuable for brands and businesses to analyse and improve the chatbot  conversations.

What are Markers?

Markers are tags in conversation, which reflect in Bot Report. Markers can be added in conversation, which reflect in Bot Report that certain condition/flow was satisfied. This is extremely helpful for Chatbot Analytics.

Eg. A Chatbot for Travel can have following flows
  • Book Flight
  • Flight Status
  • Enquiry

You can tag each conversation with a Marker.  Eg. If you insert a maker “Book Flight”, it will be reflected in a Bot Report with the same name. This helps to categorise the conversations in Report, and get close look at a number of conversations.

You can see more details on How to add markers in conversation?

Analytics using Bot Report

Brands and businesses can use numbers from Bot Report to keep close eye on  conversations. This is helpful for tracking chat conversations and getting details of what conditions were met during the conversations.

You can add multiple markers in conversation to understand which conditions were met in particular conversation.

Eg, in Book Flight conversation, you can add following markers – 

  1. A marker to indicate user got flight options
  2. A marker where the user completed the payment. 

The Bot Report will show records indicating which users just saw flight options, and which users completed the payment. These numbers help brands and businesses to analyse current trends and plan further activities. 

Summary of Bot Report

  1. Login to AmplifyReach -> Analytics
  2. Select Bot Report from left panel.
  1. Select filters : All the data shown for BOT Report are with respect to the Department, Language and Date filter
  • Department- All the defined departments are available as part of this filter. All BOT conversations are mapped to a Department.
  • Date- Select the date range, please note that the date range can’t be more than 1 month.
  • Language- All supported languages by AmplifyReach Chatbot Platform are available as part of the filter.
  1. A Summary of Bot report will be shown as follows. 

It provides the following details about chat conversations executed in selected duration.

Column NameDescription
Conversation NameThe name of the chat conversation
DepartmentThe department to which the conversation belongs
Total Conversations HandledTotal conversations handled by the BOT
Average Handling TimeAverage Handling time for the conversation handled by BOT
ChannelChannel for the Conversation. Example: Web, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Workspace, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Hangout, Flock Mobile Apps like Android & IOS, etc
Initiated ByThis indicates how the chat was initiated. There are two types of chat initiation:
Proactive: These chats are automatically initiated on webpage by system.
User Initiated: These chats are initiated by user.

FAQ Summary

It shows a summary of the knowledge base. It means if you configure multiple knowledge bases in your chatbot conversation. 

  • Knowledge Base Name: It shows the name of the knowledge base from where the answer was provided.
  • Total: It shows total count of questions answered from a particular knowledge base. 

How to Download Bot Report

You can download the chatbot report in XLSX format. To download chatbot report use following steps:

  • Goto AmplifyReach Dashboard -> Analytics 
  • Select Download Report from left panel
  • Select Department, Date Range and report type as Bot Report, 
  • Select “include chat transcript” if you wish to get a chat transcript of each chat.
  • Click Download.

The report provides following details for each conversation

Column NameDescription
Chat IDChat ID is a unique identifier of the chat. This can be used to refer to specific chat across reports.
Initiated ByIt contains the following values.VISITOR: If a chat is initiated by a visitor by clicking on chat bubble such chat will be considered as visitor initiated chat.PROACTIVE: On other hand you can set proactive rules for your chatbot. If proactive rule satisfies then the Chatbot proactively initiates a chat to website visitor and starts engagement.
DepartmentDepartment which closed the chat. If a chat was transferred within multiple departments, it contains the name of the department which was the last department to handle it.
Visitor IdUnique Visitor Id
Chat Initiated ByChat Initiated Timestamp
Bot Initiated TimeBOT Initiated Timestamp
Bot Chat DurationBOT Conversation Duration in readable format
Bot Chat Duration (seconds)BOT Duration in seconds
Agent Initiated TimeAgent Initiated Timestamp
Agent Chat DurationAgent Chat Duration in readable format
Agent Chat  Duration (seconds)Agent Chat Duration in seconds
Agent FRT TimeFirst Response time of Agent to given chat (in readable format)
Agent FRT Time (seconds)First Response time of Agent to given chat in sec
Chat closed timeChat closed timestamp
Chat DurationChat duration in readable format
Chat Duration (seconds)Chat duration in seconds
Visitor IdUnique Visitor id
Device TypeThe device type  will be Web, Mobile & Tablet etc. 
ChannelIt gives channel name form where chat conversation was initiated. Suppose chat conversation initiated from facebook messenger then it shows channel as facebook messenger. Possible channel values are- Facebook Messenger, Facebook Workplace, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Flock, Hangout, Android SDK & iOS SDK etc. If chat is initiated from a web browser then it gives bowser information like – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera etc.
Time Required to Handle Conversation It shows total required time for conversation.
Time Required to Handle Conversation(seconds)It gives total required time in seconds. 
Message CountIt gives a total message count that is exchanged in between visitors, chatbot & Live Agent etc.
Chat Initiated Time It gives chat initiation time when was chat initiated
Chat closed timeIt gives chat close time information when the chat is closed by chatbot or Live Agent.
Chat TranscriptThis column occurs only, If you have selected the option “Include Chat Transcript”. It contains a complete chat transcript of that particular chat ID.