Master Raw Report

What is Master Raw Report?

Master raw report provides all the details of each and every chat executed during selected duration. These include all conversations with ChatBot and LiveAgents, no matter if it was  successful or failed.

How to Download Master Row Report?

You can download the master raw report in XLSX format. To download master raw report use following steps:

  1. AmplifyReach Dashboard ->Analytics
  2. Select “Download Report” from the left panel.
  3. Set following details
  • Department: Each conversation is associated with a department. You can select department or All from the list.
  • Date: Select the date range
  • Language: All supported languages by AmplifyReach Chatbot Platform are available as part of the filter. (Link – Know more about supported languages by AmplifyReach Chatbot Platform)
    • You can download bot report as per chat conversation happens. Because you can deploy multiple language chatbot. If you want to download only English language chatbot reports then select language as English by default it download all languages chatbot report in single file.
  1. Select report type as “Master Row Report”
  2. Select “Include chat transcript” if you wish to get chat message details
  3. Select Download. 

Understanding Master Raw Report

The master raw report has many details about each chat. Below is the list of information provided.

Column NameDescription
Chat IDChat ID is a unique identifier of the chat. This can be used to refer to specific chat across reports.
Initiated ByIt contains the following values.
VISITOR: If a chat is initiated by a visitor by clicking on chat bubble such chat will be considered as visitor initiated chat.
PROACTIVE: On other hand you can set proactive rules for your chatbot. If proactive rule satisfies then the Chatbot proactively initiates a chat to website visitor and starts engagement.
Intermediate Transfer DetailsThis gives information if Chat was transferred from Chatbot to LiveChat Agent, or a department was changed during conversation. It can have one of following values:
NA: If chat is handle by Chatbot and did not transfer to human agent.
Bot Transfer: Chatbot transferred chat to human agent as per predefined condition in conversation.
Bot Transfer Due to Failure: Chat transferred to human agent due to any input failure or intent failure. 
Department Transfer: Human Agent transferred the chat from one department to another department
Trigger Group Trigger Name TriggerDescriptionTrigger DepartmentThese give information of proactive triggers. All the proactive triggers can be grouped logically. 
Chat Closed By DepartmentDepartment which closed the chat. If a chat was transferred within multiple departments, it contains the name of the department which was the last department to handle it.
Visitor RepliedTrue: There is a reply from customer
False: There is no reply from customer
Handled ByIt contains one of following values
BOT: Chat was handled by BOT.
Agent: If chat handled by Human Live Chat agent.
Missed Chat: The chat was transferred from chatbot to Human Agent, But the Agent did not answer to this chat.
Visitor Not Replied: Visitor did not reply to the chat on starting it
Agent NameIf Chat closed by Agent,  then the Name of the Agent who closed this chat
Chat Initiated TimeChat Initiated Timestamp
Bot Initiated TimeBOT Initiated Timestamp
Bot Chat DurationBOT Conversation Duration in readable format
Bot Chat Duration (seconds)BOT Duration in seconds
Agent Initiated TimeAgent Initiated Timestamp
Agent Chat DurationAgent Chat Duration in readable format
Agent Chat  Duration (seconds)Agent Chat Duration in seconds
Agent FRT TimeFirst Response time of Agent to given chat (in readable format)
Agent FRT Time (seconds)First Response time of Agent to given chat in sec
Chat closed timeChat closed timestamp
Chat DurationChat duration in readable format
Chat Duration (seconds)Chat duration in seconds
Visitor IdUnique Visitor id
Device TypeIt contains device type  will be Web, Mobile & Tablet etc. 
ChannelIt gives channel details where chat conversation was initiated. Possible channel values are: Facebook Messenger, Facebook Workplace, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Flock, Hangout, Android SDK & iOS SDK etc. If chat is initiated from a web browser then it gives bowser information like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera etc.
LocaleIt contains a locale of chat conversation. (Link Supported languages of   AmplifyReach Chatbot Platform)
Message CountIt gives total count of total messages exchanged in between visitor, chatbot & Live Agent etc during selected conversation. 
Chat TranscriptThis column occurs only  if you have selected the option “Include Chat Transcript”. It contains a complete chat transcript of that particular chat ID.
Customer NameCustomer Name if available as part of the BOT conversation
Customer EmailCustomer Email if available as part of the BOT conversation
Customer Contact NumberCustomer Contact Number if available as part of the BOT conversation