Customer Feedback Report

What is Customer Feedback Report?

This report provides the details of Customer Feedback or CSAT for Chatbot and LiveChat Agents.

Customer feedback is important to measure effectiveness! It is used to plan future product development, improve customer experience and overall customer satisfaction levels. Analysis of customer feedback provides Brands and Businesses with a better view of areas of improvement. 

How to check Average CSAT Rating of Agents / Chatbot

You can review overall customer feedback rating for All LiveChat Agents and Chatbot in a quick view.

  1. Goto AmplifyReach Dashboard -> Analytics
  2. On left panel, In dashboard select Customer Feedback
  1. Select Department and Date Range
  2. Select Search
  3. It shows Agent’s name and following performance details in front of him. 
Total ChatsTotal Chats for which the CSAT was requested
CSAT RequestedTotal CSAT Requested by the Agents or Chatbot
CSAT ProvidedTotal CSAT provided by the customer
Average RatingAverage rating provided by the customer
Comment CountNumbers of comments provided by the customer. The download report provides the comment provided by the customer

How to download Customer Feedback Report

You can download the report and check details of each feedback given.

  1. Click on AmplifyReach Dashboard -> Analytics 
  2. Download Reports on left panel
  3. Select Language, Department, and Date Range
  4. Select “CSAT Report”
  1. Select Download
  2. The report will be downloaded in xls form. 

Analysing information in CSAT Report

The Customer Feedback provides following details

  1. Agent Name: Agent / Chatbot Name
  2. Email
  3. Chat ID of conversation
  4. Feedback Rating 
  5. Comments given by customers. 
  6. Timestamp of the chat

You can review the feedback, ratings and comments given by customers. You can refer to the chat id in case you need to check chat transcript. The chat transcript can be extracted from master raw report.