Integrating ChatBot with Freshdesk

Setting Up Freshdesk

You need following items to integrate Freshdesk with Chatbot:

  • A Freshdesk URL
  • A Freshdesk API Key

How to get Freshdesk URL and API Key

  • Login to your Freshdesk account and note your Domain URL eg:
  • Go to Profile Settings and get your API key.

Configuring Freshdesk in AmplifyReach

  1. Goto AmplifyReach Dashboard -> CRM -> Freshdesk
  2. Goto Configuration tab
  3. Enter the Freshdesk API Key and URL in the Configuration.
  4. Your setup is done. You will be able to see the chats and contact in Freshdesk.

How to view Tickets

  • Login to your Freshdesk account.
  • After successful login, you will get redirected to the following screen.
  • Click on Contacts from the left side bar and open contacts.
  • Click on contact to view the ticket created for that contact.
  • Click on Ticket to see the chat transcript.