Integrating Chatbot with iOS App

You can download iOS SDK from AmplifyReach Dashboard -> Channels -> iOS SDK -> Download.


  • Minimum iOS Version: 9.x

Integrating SDK

  • AmplifyReach Chatbot is available as ARChatBotSDK.framework for iOS Apps.

The following data is required for completing AmplifyReach Chatbot integration

  • clientId: client identification number (Long)
  • botId: bot identification number (String)
  • authToken: authentication token (String)


info.plistApp Transport Security: AllowArbitraryLoads


Follow the below steps to integrate AmplifyReach SDK to you project

  • Add ARChatBotSDK.framework to your project
  • Select “Copy items if needed”
  • Add ARChatBotSDK.framework in Project Settings -> Target -> General ->Embedded Binaries
  • Set $(PROJECT_DIR) + recursive in Project Settings -> Target -> Build Settings -> Search Paths -> Header Search path and Library Search Path
  • If it still gives issues for header search path, drag ARChatBotSDK/Header files to project
  • Add the following code
#import "ARViewController.h"
-(IBAction)startTesting:(id)sender { ARViewController *vc = [[ARViewController alloc]initWithNibName:@"ARViewController" bundle:[NSBundle bundleForClass:ARViewController.class]]; vc.clientId = CLIENT_ID; vc.botId = BOT_ID; vc.authToken = AUTH_TOKEN; [self.navigationController pushViewController:vc animated:YES]; }