Integrating Chatbot with Telegram

AmplifyReach Telegram Integration allows you to easily create Telegram Bot with natural language understanding based on the AmplifyReach Chatbot Platform.

Setting Up Telegram

To set up the Telegram integration for your bot, you need:

Creating a Bot in Telegram

  1. Login to Telegram App on your device.
  2. Go to “Chats”. Search “BotFather” in Chats
  3. Click the Start button
  1. Click /newbot or type /newbot and enter name for your bot.
  2. Enter a username for the bot, ending in “bot” (e.g. AR_TravelBot)

6. Copy the generated access token

Configure Telegram in AmplifyReach

  1. Goto AmplifyReach -> Channels -> Telegram -> Configuration
  2. Copy access token from Telegram and paste the access token in “Access Token” field
  3. Select Enable Telegram option.
  4. Click Save button.


Goto Telegramp App -> Chats, search your Bot name. Your Bot will appear in the list.Select Start.