Integrating Chatbot with WhatsApp

AmplifyReach WhatsApp Integration allows you to easily create WhatsApp bots with natural language understanding based on the AmplifyReach Chatbot Platform.


You need to have a WhatsApp API account. Facebook provides WhatsApp API through their messaging partners. You can choose prefered partner from Facebook Whatsapp Partner Directory

Our preferred service providers are:

  • Twilio
  • Nexmo
  • Unifonic

Note: If you prefer other vender/service provider then reach out to us on

Integrating Chatbot with WhatsApp

Goto AmplifyReach Dashboard

Select Channels, select the correct deployment on top right. To know more about creating deployment, please refer this link.

Select WhatsApp option and then select Configuration tab.

Select your service provider from Twilio / Unifonic / Nexmo.

Each WhatsApp API provider has different settings to use API.
Fill the details requested for API access from Provider Account settings.

Select Enable setting on the last. Your chatbot will be deployed on WhatsApp!