Integrating Chatbot with Flock

AmplifyReach Flock Integration makes it easy to create your own Flock App and Chatbot and train them to understand natural language.

Setting Up Flock

To integrate Flock with your Chatbot, you need following:

Create a Flock App

  1. Navigate to Flock Developer Console.
  2. Enter a name for your App and Basic Information, Save

Add Advanced information

  1. Copy the Event Request URL from AmplifyReach -> Channels -> Configuration tab.
  2. Paste the Event Listener URL in to Event Listener URL field.
  3. Paste the Configuration URL in to Configuration URL field.
  1. Scroll down on same page, and turn ON Enable Bot setting.
  2. Enter name for your Flock bot.

6. Save Advanced Information.

Enable Flock Integration in AmplifyReach Settings

  1. Copy App Id, App Secret, Bot User Id, Bot Token from Flock App. Note: In case Bot User Id and Bot Token do not appear in Flock App, please confirm if page is saved and refresh it.
  2. Paste above information to AmplifyReach Dashboard -> Channels -> Flock -> Configuration

Add Your Flock Bot to a Team

Click the Install Button

Test the bot

  1. Login to Flock account and search your bot name in Start a chat section
  2. Your bot will appear in the list!