Integrating Chatbot with Zoho

Setting Up Zoho

To integrate Zoho with AmplifyReach Chatbot Platform

  1. Goto AmplifyReach Dashboard -> CRM -> Zoho
  2. Select Configuration Tab.
  3. Click Connect to Zoho
  • Zoho login screen will be shown. Add your Zoho credentials.
  • Click on “Accept” button to allow AmplifyReach to access data in your Zoho account.
    • Your Zoho integration is completed. You will be redirected to message page.

    How to view Tickets

    • Login to your Zoho account.
    • After successful login, you will get redirected to the following screen.
    • Click on Contacts from the top Navigation Bar and open contacts.
    • Click on contact to view the ticket created for that contact.
    • Go to the Attachments section and find the chat transcript.