Enabling Customer Feedback in Chatbot

Customer feedback is important to measure effectiveness! It is used to plan future product development, improve customer experience and overall customer satisfaction levels. Analysis of customer feedback provides Brands/Business with a better view of areas of improvement.

Chatbot and Live chat Agent can request feedback from customers. By default this setting is disabled in AmplifyReach. If you want to enable this setting, go to AmplifyReach Dashboard → Channels. Select the deployment name from the dropdown for which you have to enable feedback. Then goes to Web Channel → Settings → General Settings.

Click ‘Enable feedback for chatbot’ option and Save it.

Now Chatbot and Human Agents can request feedback from customers.

Feedback form has following attributes:

  1. Rating :- Customers can provide ratings between 1 to 5 stars.
  2. Comments:- Customers can provide the comments, comments are optional.

When can the Chatbot request feedback from customers?

  1. When a customer closes Chatbot by close icon. A feedback will be asked from chatbot if  at least one conversation is completed.
  2. When a restart question is asked. At the end of the chat, bot asks Can I help you with anything else? If a customer selects NO, it will end the chat and chatbot will ask for feedback.

How can Agents request feedback from customers?

Agents can request feedback while chatting to the customers in AmplifyReach LiveChat App. To ask a feedback please follow steps below:

  1. AmplifyReach LiveChat App → Chat conversation 
  2. Setting → Customer Feedback → ASK CUSTOMER FEEDBACK. Agents can request feedback multiple times.

Agents can see the feedback provided by customers by clicking the ‘REFRESH’ button.