Customizing Chatbot’s Appearance

You can customize appearance of Chatbot at the time of sign up or you can do it later from AmplifyReach Dashboard → Settings

Changing Color, Avatar, Size and Name

To change the color, Avatar or Size of the Chatbot go to AmplifyReach Dashboard → Channels. Select the deployment name from the dropdown for which you have to change the appearance. Then goes to Web Channel → Settings → Widget Color.

  1. Widget Color: This will be the theme color of Chatbot. The Title bar and menu items will be set to this color. 
  2. Avatar: Avatar is the picture shown in the Chatbot Title Area and in front of each message. It can be an avatar icon or a company logo. 
  3. Widget Size: The chatbot is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. 
  4. Name: This will be the name of Chatbot.

Dynamic Greeting Messages

Runtime Greeting Message

You can use dynamic greetings according to the time of day, you can use the {{ar_time_greet}} system variable provided by AmplifyReach.

E.g. {{ar_time_greet}}, Welcome to AmplifyReach Chatbot! How may I help you today?

This will replace {{ar_time_greet}} by Good Morning!, Good Afternoon! or Good Evening! as per current time.  

Turning off Greeting Message

If you do not wish to show greeting message, you can turn it off by:

AmplifyReach Dashboard → Deployment →  Click on the System Setting Button of the respective deployment → Disable the Use Welcome Message → Click Save